Tatiana Ruiz Sereno was born in Jerez de la Frontera on October 19, 1988 in the district of San Miguel. Her parents were the artists CHIQUI AND TEQUILA, and she therefore lived and experienced a lot of flamenco.

No se baila con los pies, sino con la cabeza y el corazón

In her infancy, at only four years of age, she began her studies at the Academy of Flamenco Dance CHIQUI DE JEREZ and at the same time studied classical ballet doing her exams at the ROYAL ACADEMY and SPANISH DANCE SOCIETY sponsored by LUISILLO, obtaining top grades in her exams and a roll of honour.

1993 - She participated in an interview for a TV channel in London in which she represented what is Jerez, wine, horses and flamenco. This was broadcast in several countries.

1994 - Solo debut in the Peña LA BULERIA and started to make her name known by participating in several flamenco shows and festivals.

1995 - Toured Switzerland with MERCEDES RUIZ in the flamenco show CHIQUI (JEREZ POR BULERIAS). Performed in the DOME THEATRE (Basel), in the Peña TAURINA (Basel) and EL REY DE COPAS (Bern).

1996 - Invited by DOMINGO ORTEGA to participate in the flamenco club CASA PATAS (Madrid).

In Jerez she gained recognition as a dancer and worked in JOVENES FLAMENCOS organized by the TOWN HALL OF JEREZ and DELEGATION OF CULTURE.

1997 - Danced in the Peña PEPE ALCONCHEL and was awarded the insignia of this peña.

1998 - Contributed to the festival of FUENLABRADA organized by the Peña FUENLABRADA with the artists such as CAPULLO, PASCUAL DE LORCA, ANDRES PEÑA, TEQUILA DE JEREZ, MERCEDES RUIZ, CHIQUI DE JEREZ, etc.


2000 - Filmed a movie called "YOUNG TALENT" for a French producer and participated in scenes in Sanlúcar (LA MERCED).

2001 - Continued her studies and was incorporated into the group of CHIQUI that performed for three months in the GONZALEZ BYASS BODEGAS. Called upon by the company ARTESHERRY, by a manager who put considerable interest in her and took her to several shows.

2002 - Participated in CARMEN by Bicet.

2003 - Renewed her contract with GONZALEZ BYASS BODEGAS (three months). Started doing classes with FARRUCOS and several other teachers of that level.

2004 - Solo debut in the Peña LOS CERNICALOS accompanied by the following artists: DAVID LAGOS, CARLOS “TEQUILA”, JUANI DE LA ISLA AND PASCUAL DE LORCA. Started working in a flamenco club in Jerez "TABERNA FLAMENCA" but also participated in other flamenco clubs such as "EL LAGA DE TIO PARRILLA".

2005 - Was incorporated into the FARRUCOS company working with them on several occasions in different places in Madrid while still taking classes and courses with the FARRUCO FAMILY, JUANA AMAYA, JOAQUIN GRILO etc.
Toured several London theatres with the show "SOLO FLAMENCO" directed by CHIQUI.
She was invited by JUANA AMAYA to participate in the grand finale of her show presented in Moron de la Frontera.

2006 - Contracted by "BOSE" for her participation in a video clip to be presented in NEW YORK with the following artists: ADELA CAMPALLO, ANGEL MUÑOZ, MANUEL "EL MACANO”, MIGUEL "EL LONDRO" ENCARNA ANILLO, JUAN DIEGO, EL CHISPA AND JORGE PARDO AND LENNI.
Joined the company of CHIQUI called “A MI FORMA Y A MI AIRE" premiering in Switzerland (Geneva) and touring several countries with that show.

2007 - Continued her studies with various teachers such as: IMMACULATE ORTEGA, ROCIO MOLINA, ANTONIO REYES, ADELA CAMPALLO, ISRAEL GALVAN, LOS FARRUCOS, etc.
Toured Italy participating in the play "CARMEN" by Bicet for two months.

2008 - Participated in the Autumn Festival of her homeland FIESTAS DE LA VENDIMIA participating as a soloist.
Participated in a documentary by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC about the roots of flamenco.
Again toured Italy with the show "PASION ANDALUZA" in fifty five theatres travelling for two months and participating as a soloist.

2009 - Helped choreograph the show called "WITH THE TIMES" which premiered in January in Switzerland (Geneva) at the ALAMBRA theatre.
Taught a course in Switzerland (Neuchatel) for all levels.

2010 - Worked with CHIQUI DE JEREZ collaborating with that school for the whole year teaching flamenco courses in the FESTIVAL DE JEREZ and summer courses organized by the CHIQUI DE JEREZ school and performed in other signature events in the province.

2011 - Travelled to France to perform and teach an intensive flamenco skirt dance course in LA MORITA school. Returned to work throughout the year in the school of CHIQUI DE JEREZ and taught flamenco courses in the FESTIVAL DE JEREZ as well as the summer courses at CHIQUI DE JEREZ School. Toured Andalucia performing in bars and flamenco clubs.

2012 - Worked at the CHIQUI DE JEREZ School for the entire year and taught dance courses in this school as well as the FESTIVAL DE JEREZ and SUMMER COURSES.

2013/2014 - Created her own school, TATIANA RUIZ ACADEMY OF DANCE, which advances progressively with new goals and objectives.

Development is ongoing with many brand new projects and enthusiasm for the new academy.

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